Deathsworn WIP 01

Deathsworn are an elite unit of warriors with the Curse of Morkai, whose minds were bent on blood lust and the impulse to kill and kill and again. These Warriors are banded together into packs to fight the enemy and earn an honourable death, overseen by the Speakers of the Dead (Priests of Fenris).

Aside from the aesthetic of having Wolf Skull Helms, there are little to no reference on their appearance. Referred to however as the ‘Black Cull’. The design intent for this squad therefore is to have a brutal looking squad, bereft of trophies and talismans, but with darker totems and marks of their curse.

2017-02-23 21.29.10.jpg

The models are thus created from the Sons of Horus Reavers and Sons of Horus Command Squad, adorned with chains, coin totems and spiked armour they have the aesthetic of barbarian headsman.

The Sons of Horus armour is a mix of MkII and MkIV, with additional armour plating and studded repairs (latterly referred to as MkV), this lends to the tired and brutal aesthetic intended for the Deathsworn.

Further work is to be done, some greenstuff fur details are to be added and skull helms are pending.

The power fist wielding pack member uses the claw from Geigor, albeit with the talons switched out for more regular power fist fingers.

Until Next Winter…


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