Wulfgar Heimdallsson ‘the Guardian

Wulfgar Heimdallsson, Priest of Fenris, ‘the Guardian’, Speaker of the Dead, a warrior of dry humours and known for his apparent calm in even the most dire of circumstances. Wulfgar is charged with watching those warriors fallen to the Curse of Morkai, the so called ‘Black Cull’ packs of Hvarl Red-Blades Great Company.


Wielding a Great Frost Blade, a kraken tooth edged chain sword of mighty proportions, Wulfgar is a fearsome fighter, skilled with a blade the sagas tell of many an enemy head taken for the accounts.

Design note: whilst 40k wolf- priests are clad in black armour, there is little evidence to suggest that the Speakers of the Dead are likewise clad. The idea here is that all warriors, regardless of rank are clad in the storm-grey of the Legion, using a black cloak and omitting the usual red spot colours on other units the model has a darker feel, implying black without being so.  

Until Next Winter…


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