Tartaros Terminator Command Squad WIP 01

With Hvarl Red-Blade being clad in Tartaros pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour, any potential command squad needs to be likewise adorned. With Hvarl’s warriors being known for their taking of the foes heads as trophies it was important to represent this on the models, particularly Hvarl’s great company banner.

2017-02-18 11.15.19.jpg

The banner is from the Sons of Horus Command Squad kit, the ruffled and scrunched fabric fits well within the grasp of a warrior’s fist and was very simply converted to be held by a power fist. An ork skull was added to break up the monotony of human skulls. The standard bearer is a two wound model, so to maximise upon this he has been given a Plasma-Blaster and a power fist.

The first among the chosen veterans has been equipped with a Chain Fist, providing some always welcome anti-armour capability within the squad, this complimented with the standard Combi-Bolter.

The remaining three chosen veterans have been equipped with a Lightning Claw (for that re-roll to wound and user initiative attacks) and standard Combi-Bolter.

Once painted the hope is that the subtle wolf talisman and totems added to the tartaros armour will create a sense of barbarity and warrior brutality against the clean lines of the terminator plate.

Until Next Winter…


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