Hvarl Red-Blade WIP 01

Hvarl Red-Blade, Jarl of the Fourth Great Company, ‘The Ravager’, ‘The Headsman of Koltok’


The narrative text and rules describing the choleric tempered Jarl that is Hvarl Red-Blade inspire an image of mighty warrior, of legendary deeds even in the triumph of the great crusade, although with a darker side. Hvarl and his company encourage the taking of enemy heads as trophies of their battles won, this has been translated on to the model with hanging skulls. The base model is the limited edition Praetor Tribune, the enhanced size of the model and strong stride making a perfect base.

The Jarl’s heavy bolter has been converted from a tartaros reaper autocannon and a heavy bolter, the decoration on the final model is taken from a space wolves tank upgrade sprue, albeit with added skulls. The axe is from Krom Dragongaze. The pelt and head are from the space wolves terminator kit.

Until Next Winter…


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