Arn Thorvard, ‘Castle Breaker’, Lord of the Void Hunters

A leviathan of ancient providence among the legion, Arn Thorvard was a Terran warrior of the Rout known for his aptitude in void combat. Broken beyond repair fighting in the Dulan Campaign, Thorvard was committed to torture and life support of a dreadnought sarcophagus.

In his proto-death state, Arn Thorvard serves alongside Hvarl Red-Blade and the Fourth Great Company, a walking tank and bringer of ruin.


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Hvarl Red-Blade

Hvarl Red-Blade, Jarl of the Fourth Great Company, ‘The Ravager’, ‘The Headsman of Koltok’

The commander of the Fourth Great Company of the Space Wolves, Hvarl Red-Blade had a reputation as a dourly humorous and often choleric-tempered warrior, whose greatest joy was found in the din of war and whose battle-cunning was something of a legend. Master of his Great Company for more than five decades at the time of the Raising of Prospero, he was a veteran warlord as renowned for scourging tactics as he was for encouraging the taking of heads from the enemy fallen as a form of competition among his warriors. Each gory trophy was to be accompanied by a tale of how it was taken around the Great Company’s fires after battle, and without a grand tale, the head-taking was held of little account and the warrior scorned, and so were his Space Wolves pushed to greater reaches of valour.


Though considered volatile and perhaps a little insane by his fellow Jarls and Thegns, Hvarl’s often striking insights into a foe’s plans and motivations made his voice one that was still well respected in the Einherjar – his Legion’s war council – whilst in battle, his sharp-witted savagery was counted on by his Primarch to leave nothing alive in his Great Company’s wake.

Hvarl Red-Blade’s famed axe was not of Fenris as might have been expected, but a stone-grey power blade re-forged by the Iron Priests from a battlefield trophy taken from a huge machine-warrior made in the shape of a long-dead king he battled on the edge of the Maelstrom. This battle, fought on the dead world of Koltok, saw him elevated to Thegn, and first earned him the name of the ‘Headsman’. In a thousand battles since it has never failed him.

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Wulfgar Heimdallsson ‘the Guardian

Wulfgar Heimdallsson, Priest of Fenris, ‘the Guardian’, Speaker of the Dead, a warrior of dry humours and known for his apparent calm in even the most dire of circumstances. Wulfgar is charged with watching those warriors fallen to the Curse of Morkai, the so called ‘Black Cull’ packs of Hvarl Red-Blades Great Company.


Wielding a Great Frost Blade, a kraken tooth edged chain sword of mighty proportions, Wulfgar is a fearsome fighter, skilled with a blade the sagas tell of many an enemy head taken for the accounts.

Design note: whilst 40k wolf- priests are clad in black armour, there is little evidence to suggest that the Speakers of the Dead are likewise clad. The idea here is that all warriors, regardless of rank are clad in the storm-grey of the Legion, using a black cloak and omitting the usual red spot colours on other units the model has a darker feel, implying black without being so.  

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Vlka Fenryka – Legion Structure

Taking inspiration from the collation of information by Drake Setta at Battle Bunnies following the release of Inferno the following post looks to replicate and build upon this documentation to outline the fighting structure and organisation of the Rout:

Legion size, estimated at the time of the Burning of Prospero to be 95,000 to 100,000 legionaries. Inferno outlines information on eleven of the Greay Companies, totalling 73,200 legionaries as part of the Censure Host. The list below looks to build on this within information collated from Horus Heresy sources:

The legion is divided into Thirteen Great Companies:

Onn Company ‘the Breakers of Rings’
Jarl: Gunnar Gunnhilt ‘Lord Gunn’
Terminators of the Varagyr and Legion command elements
Numbers  committed to Prospero: 3,000 Legionaires

Twa Company ‘the Thread Cutters’
Jarl: Unknown
Veteran infantry and Dreadnoughts
Numbers  committed to Prospero: 800 Legionaires + 60 Dreadnoughts

Tra Company ‘the Eagle’s Keepers’
Jarl: Ogvai Ogvai Helmschrot
Close assault infantry and support armour
Numbers  committed to Prospero: 9,800 Legionaires

For Company ‘the Blood-Worm’s Masters’
Jarl: Hvarl Red-Blade
Heavy Infantry (including Breacher and Assault Units) and Artillery
Numbers  committed to Prospero: 8,600 Legionaires.

Fyf Company ‘the Blood-Ice Storm’
Jarl: Amlodhi Skarssen Skarssensson
Mixed infantry and Light armour
Numbers  committed to Prospero: 10,000 Legionaires

Sesc Company
Jarl: Unknown
Composition Unknown
Numbers  committed to Prospero: Zero

Sepp Company ‘the Wight-flame’s Wielders’ – Landayvan
Jarl: Unknown
Black Cull, Destroyer and Immolation units, Siege weapons and Artillery
Numbers  committed to Prospero: 5,200 Legionaires

For-Twa Company ‘the Slaughter-Fire Heralds’
Jarl: Unknown
Reconnaissance and Infiltration units
Numbers  committed to Prospero: 9,500 Legionaires

Tra-Tra ‘the Serpents of the Battle Moon’
Jarl: Sturgard Joriksson
Heavy Weapons, Rapiers and Infantry Support units
Numbers  committed to Prospero: 7,800 Legionaires

Dekk Company 
Jarl: Unknown
Composition Unkown
Numbers  committed to Prospero: Zero

Dekk-Onn Company ‘the Sea-Flame’s Bearers’
Jarl: Varald Helsdawn
Veteran infantry (high Terran numbers)
Numbers  committed to Prospero: 9,200 Legionaires

Tolv Company ‘the Shield-Gnawers’
Jarl: Jaurmag / Oki ‘Scarred’
Close Assault Infantry and Ground Assault vehicles.
Numbers  committed to Prospero: 8,700 Legionaires

Dekk-Tra Company ‘the Corpse-renders’
Jarl: Jorin Bloodfang
Pursuit and Assault units.
Numbers  committed to Prospero: 600 Legionaires.

It is acknowledged that this list leans heavily upon the Forge World publication of Inferno (Book VII of the Horus Heresy series), some Jarls and their place within the company differ in the Black Library publications.

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Harald Ansgar’s Pack

Clad in Tartaros pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour, Harald Ansgar lead’s his veteran pack brothers with a mortician’s humour latterly stereotyped as characterising the Vlka Fenryka. Ansgar’s saga is far darker however, known as the Butcher of Ghenna, a mantle more at home against the traitorous forces of the warmaster.  It was at Ghenna that Ansgar slew many of the World Eater’s on the Night of the Wolf, it is said that Ansgar was consumed by such blood lust and battle rage that the Curse of Morkai had taken him… but his fate was not so easily sealed.

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the30kchannel – Inferno Book Review and 6th Legion vs 15th Legion Skirmishes

Had the absolute pleasure of visiting the30kchannel once again, filming a short look at Forge World’s Book VII Inferno and playing out some sample skirmishes to showcase some of the new legion rules and units.

This little video also acts as a prelude to playing through the whole Inferno Campaign with my friendly adversary Dan (@1kson on instagram) and his spectacular Thousand Sons army.

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