The Jarl’s Huscarls

Jarl Ulvbane Thorvardsson wages war with singular warriors at his side, chosen champions from among the warriors of the Rout. Their deeds many and their sagas long they represent the very best the Rout has.



Huscarl Eskil Brossa, slew a Green-Skin warboss with nothing more than his broken combat blade. Huscarl Arn Njordur killed twenty three blade wielding eldar during the desolation of their craftworld. Huscarl Horik Vidarr lost presumed dead during the pacification of the Noldor Moon Colonies, was found three days later stripped of his armour and weapons sat upon the traitor governor’s corpse. Huscarl Sinric Olafsson and Huscarl Ivar Hvitserk scuttled the twentieth legion battle barge Zeta during extended fleet action in the aftermath of Prospero and escaped aboard a stolen drop ship.

Until Next Winter…


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