Terminator Command Squad WIP 07

Working on two more Huscarls for the Praetor’s command squad. These will be converted in much the same way as the previous three, using the Space Wolf Terminator upgrades from Forge World with a conversion to bring them more in line with Cataphractii armour.

Starting with shoulder pauldrons, legion symbols have been clipped from their parent resin shoulder pads and glued into place on the cataphractii plates. A veteran crux and shield have been added to the corresponding pauldrons . These have then been cleaned up with liquid green stuff.

The terminator torsos have been converted to include the plastic cataphractii power plant, the recessed panel detail on the top of the armour has been filled with green stuff and additional detailing added, more will following once these areas have cured.

Rather than more bareheaded warriors, these Huscarls are helmeted, using plastic MkIII Helmets from the Burning of Prospero boxset. Left arms have been added to the models, the leather pteruges have been clipped back slightly and used as a framework to have sculpted greenstuff fur over the top.

The Combi-Plasma weapons are converted from the plastic tigrus pattern combi-bolters, taken from the Tartaros pattern terminators in the Burning of Prospero box. These have had plasma pistols cut into them.

Still lots to do.

Until Next Winter…




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