The Wolf-Kin of Russ

Freki and Geri. Said to be companions of the Wolf King from his earliest days as a foundling upon the bleak desolation of Fenris, these two creatures are beasts of prodigious size, formidable intelligence and a physical power that beggars belief in purely ‘natural’ creatures of their type. The guardians of the Wolf King’s hearth, from time to time when he calls they follow alongside him into battle as they may, ripping apart the hated foe limb from limb.

Really beautiful models and amazing sculpts but I find myself torn on the scale of these models, the wolves are far larger than I had imagined them to be or than they are pictured in some of the artwork, the cover of Prospero Burns for example. I would add that this is not necessarily a critism, i’m just not sure whether I like them depicted at this size.

Until next winter…


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