Hagen Gudmundsson’s Pack

Veteran Pack Leader Hagen Gudmundsson, favoured champion of Sesc Company leads his pack into battle alongside the forces of Jarl Ulvbane Thorvardsson, a decision not of tactical merit but one of blood debt. Hagen has sworn a blood oath to Thorvardsson for reasons that aren’t entirely clear… some say he saved his life in battle or during a hunt, some say he dishonoured himself or the Jarl and is bound in penance, others say the Jarl intervened in a dispute putting Hagen in his debt, only they truly know.


The pack is equipped for versatility upon the battlefield, albeit with a predilection towards combat. Three Lightning Claws, Two Chain Fists, Three Combi-Bolters and Two Heavy Flamers provide the squad with fearsome array of weapons.

This is but half of Gundmundsson’s pack, the other half are still awaiting paint!

Until Next Winter…


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