The Jarl’s Huscarls

Jarl Ulvbane Thorvardsson wages war with singular warriors at his side, chosen champions from among the warriors of the Rout. Their deeds many and their sagas long they represent the very best the Rout has.



Huscarl Eskil Brossa, slew a Green-Skin warboss with nothing more than his broken combat blade. Huscarl Arn Njordur killed twenty three blade wielding eldar during the desolation of their craftworld. Huscarl Horik Vidarr lost presumed dead during the pacification of the Noldor Moon Colonies, was found three days later stripped of his armour and weapons sat upon the traitor governor’s corpse. Huscarl Sinric Olafsson and Huscarl Ivar Hvitserk scuttled the twentieth legion battle barge Zeta during extended fleet action in the aftermath of Prospero and escaped aboard a stolen drop ship.

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Apothecaries Helfdane and Andhrimnir, Flesh-Makers, Soul-Keepers.

Within the Rout there are two kinds of priests, those that deal in Wyrd and fates and those that bond flesh and keep the legion’s souls. Helfdane and Andhrimnir are the latter kind, technically, although their day duties are more in line with a legion apothecary that a priest. Both Flesh-Makers work under more senior Priests, true gene-weavers.


It is the duty of the Rout’s flesh-makers to not only tend to the wounded in battle but to extract the legion souls of those fallen warriors, so they may serve the legions still.

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The Wolf-Kin of Russ

Freki and Geri. Said to be companions of the Wolf King from his earliest days as a foundling upon the bleak desolation of Fenris, these two creatures are beasts of prodigious size, formidable intelligence and a physical power that beggars belief in purely ‘natural’ creatures of their type. The guardians of the Wolf King’s hearth, from time to time when he calls they follow alongside him into battle as they may, ripping apart the hated foe limb from limb.

Really beautiful models and amazing sculpts but I find myself torn on the scale of these models, the wolves are far larger than I had imagined them to be or than they are pictured in some of the artwork, the cover of Prospero Burns for example. I would add that this is not necessarily a critism, i’m just not sure whether I like them depicted at this size.

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Hagen Gudmundsson’s Pack

Veteran Pack Leader Hagen Gudmundsson, favoured champion of Sesc Company leads his pack into battle alongside the forces of Jarl Ulvbane Thorvardsson, a decision not of tactical merit but one of blood debt. Hagen has sworn a blood oath to Thorvardsson for reasons that aren’t entirely clear… some say he saved his life in battle or during a hunt, some say he dishonoured himself or the Jarl and is bound in penance, others say the Jarl intervened in a dispute putting Hagen in his debt, only they truly know.


The pack is equipped for versatility upon the battlefield, albeit with a predilection towards combat. Three Lightning Claws, Two Chain Fists, Three Combi-Bolters and Two Heavy Flamers provide the squad with fearsome array of weapons.

This is but half of Gundmundsson’s pack, the other half are still awaiting paint!

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Book VII – Inferno

With the seventh installment of the Horus Heresy campaign books almost upon us i can reveal that, not only will i getting this tomb but i will be reviewing it on none other than the 30k channel with my old Thousand Sons adversary @1kson, be sure to check out his work on instagram.


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Land’s Raider Pattern Main Battle Tank

Land’s Raider Pattern Main Battle Tank provides fire support for advancing Rout warriors.

The primary heavy transport used among the legions, the Raider Batter Tank is as versatile as it is deadly. Heavy grade armour, sponson and hull weapons mounts combined with a troop compartment allow it to operate as an armoured aggressor and to deliver its cargo into the heart of the enemy.

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Rhino Armoured Carrier: Tactical

Aside from ferocious warriors with boltgun and blade, the Rout employs a number of vehicles from battle tanks to transports to aid in the prosecution of the All-Father’s will. The most common of these is the ubiquitous Rhino Armoured Carrier, by far the most common place chasis in all the legions, and for good reason.

All Rhino’s have been fitted with pintle-mounted multi-meltas to provide much needed anti-armour support.

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Haltaf’s Hunters ‘Wolf Guard’

Forseti Haltaf is a dour warrior, an individual removed from sentiment and stern of purpose, it is joked among his pack and the wider legion, that he should have been born to Dorn’s 7th. None the less Haltaf is a fierce warrior and uncompromising in his duty, ever the grim executioner, befitting of his legion’s role.

The veteran’s of Haltaf’s pack are warriors of note, hunters and trackers, more often than not they operate away from the main body of a the Rout’s assaults, joining the bloodshed from an unseen quarter or running down those that would seek to flee.

The squad number seven veterans, armed with a mixture of combi-weapons (plasma & melta), power axes and a power fist.

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Lief Olafur’s Pack ‘Wolf Guard’

The mighty veterans of the rout have seen much blood shed as the great crusade crumbles and the age of darkness spreads across the galaxy in the wake of Horus’ betrayal, not lease against the witch-kin of the Thousand Sons and the traitorous Alpha Legion snakes! Olafur’s pack have added great deeds to their account but lost brothers to the red snow over several theaters of war.

The squad have been subtly altered after a few games, replacing the sergeant’s power axe with a power fist and reducing the squad size to 7 to allow for attaching characters and apothecaries.

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