The Jarl’s Huscarls

Jarl Ulvbane Thorvardsson wages war with singular warriors at his side, chosen champions from among the warriors of the Rout. Their deeds many and their sagas long they represent the very best the Rout has.



Huscarl Eskil Brossa, slew a Green-Skin warboss with nothing more than his broken combat blade. Huscarl Arn Njordur killed twenty three blade wielding eldar during the desolation of their craftworld. Huscarl Horik Vidarr lost presumed dead during the pacification of the Noldor Moon Colonies, was found three days later stripped of his armour and weapons sat upon the traitor governor’s corpse. Huscarl Sinric Olafsson and Huscarl Ivar Hvitserk scuttled the twentieth legion battle barge Zeta during extended fleet action in the aftermath of Prospero and escaped aboard a stolen drop ship.

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Apothecaries Helfdane and Andhrimnir, Flesh-Makers, Soul-Keepers.

Within the Rout there are two kinds of priests, those that deal in Wyrd and fates and those that bond flesh and keep the legion’s souls. Helfdane and Andhrimnir are the latter kind, technically, although their day duties are more in line with a legion apothecary that a priest. Both Flesh-Makers work under more senior Priests, true gene-weavers.


It is the duty of the Rout’s flesh-makers to not only tend to the wounded in battle but to extract the legion souls of those fallen warriors, so they may serve the legions still.

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Terminator Command Squad WIP 07

Working on two more Huscarls for the Praetor’s command squad. These will be converted in much the same way as the previous three, using the Space Wolf Terminator upgrades from Forge World with a conversion to bring them more in line with Cataphractii armour.

Starting with shoulder pauldrons, legion symbols have been clipped from their parent resin shoulder pads and glued into place on the cataphractii plates. A veteran crux and shield have been added to the corresponding pauldrons . These have then been cleaned up with liquid green stuff.

The terminator torsos have been converted to include the plastic cataphractii power plant, the recessed panel detail on the top of the armour has been filled with green stuff and additional detailing added, more will following once these areas have cured.

Rather than more bareheaded warriors, these Huscarls are helmeted, using plastic MkIII Helmets from the Burning of Prospero boxset. Left arms have been added to the models, the leather pteruges have been clipped back slightly and used as a framework to have sculpted greenstuff fur over the top.

The Combi-Plasma weapons are converted from the plastic tigrus pattern combi-bolters, taken from the Tartaros pattern terminators in the Burning of Prospero box. These have had plasma pistols cut into them.

Still lots to do.

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The Wolf-Kin of Russ

Freki and Geri. Said to be companions of the Wolf King from his earliest days as a foundling upon the bleak desolation of Fenris, these two creatures are beasts of prodigious size, formidable intelligence and a physical power that beggars belief in purely ‘natural’ creatures of their type. The guardians of the Wolf King’s hearth, from time to time when he calls they follow alongside him into battle as they may, ripping apart the hated foe limb from limb.

Really beautiful models and amazing sculpts but I find myself torn on the scale of these models, the wolves are far larger than I had imagined them to be or than they are pictured in some of the artwork, the cover of Prospero Burns for example. I would add that this is not necessarily a critism, i’m just not sure whether I like them depicted at this size.

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Legion Apothecary Detachment WIP 01

Apothecaries in the Vlka Fenryka are somewhat of a minor dilemma for me, should they be more like their Apothecary counterparts in other legions or have a similar aesthetic and role to the Wolf Priests of warhammer 40,000 fame? The descriptions of flesh-makers and gene-weavers in Prospero Burns with with their Antler helms is amazing, but a difficult aesthetic to realise on the models. I have largely decided on the former, line apothecaries being more akin to those of other Legions.

MkIII Armour. As the apothecaries will be largely escorted (or escorting?) my Veteran squads into combat I wanted to have a complimentary aesthetic and silhouette of matching armour. As Forge World only currently have models in MkII and MkIV I decided to attempt making my own, albeit with a reduced amount of equipment than the official models.

2017-01-26 07.50.06.jpg

Primarily the Narthecium was the challenge, this needed to look like a recognisable piece of wargear, that has a precedent among the official models and narrative. The answer came from a humble hand flamer, a chain blade attachment and the resin casting for the MkIII power packs.

The fuel bottle was carefully trimmed from the hand flamer, as was the length of resin attaching the power packs. The chainblade was glued in place on the side of the vambrace armour.

The fuel bottle was glued on at an obtuse angle and the length of resin sprue sharpened to a point and glued to the front, supported by the chainblade guard. Once attached the model, a cable was added to the back of the narthecium connecting in under the shoulder pauldron.

The final addition was to use the remainder of the hand flamer, trimming back the barrel and slighting drilling it to a concave finish. The apothecary additions are subtle by clearly show their specialist battlefield role.

There is a plan to build an apothecary in a similar style, but MkIV armour, and to build a Primus Medicae in terminator armour, the later one will look to take on more of the priestly aesthetic described in Prospero Burns.

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