Ullr Thorhall, Winter’s Shield

Ullr Thorhall, ‘winter’s shield’, champion of the rout and breaker of sieges. Thorhall’s talents of unyielding defense and skill with knocking an axe have seen his reputation in the Rout grow with each new moon. A master of ship-to-ship boarding actions and undisputed bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, Thorhall has the favour of many of his Jarls and the eye of the Wolf King watches him with interest.

Born of the northern tribes, whom dwell in the river canyons and crags of the great mountains, long before the skywarriors took him, Ullr Thorhall learned to fight outnumbering in cave mouths, bottle necking the enemy and using the hostile terrain to the advantage of his kin. A warrior of the void could not ask for better training.

Until Next Winter…


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