Legion Terminator Squad WIP 01

With the plethora of parts available in the Burning of Prospero box set a Terminator squad became a must for the Rout. The plastic version of the Tartaros Terminator Armour is far better than the Cataphractii version in its honesty to the original resin kit, with the exception of lower shoulder pauldrons (The Cataphractii kit has huge gaps between the shoulder pauldrons and the torso/back armour leaving unsightly gaps, the leather pteruges don’t have the studs on them either). The Tartaros plastic kit is great, lots of versatility in posing and a good variety of torso and helmet styles.

IMAG0759.jpgAfter careful consideration the squad was designed to be versatile, primarily combat orientated but not limited to only a combat role. With this in mind the decision to take combi-bolters forms the core of the squad, these are then backed up with six individual  lighting claws and four chain fists giving a balance between striking at Initiative 4 and Initiative 1. The chain fists have been chosen over the  option for power fists simply because it gives a potent anti-armour option. The squad has two heavy flamers a Grenade Harness to maximise damage on the charge.

All of the squad have been subtly converted with wolf tail talismans, wolf tooth necklaces, totems and pelts (some plastic, some greenstuff) to better convey the aesthetic of the Vlka Fenryka. The Legion Icons were carefully cut from a set of Forge World shoulder pads, heated and bent to shape over the tartaros pauldrons.

Until Next Winter…


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