Legion Centurion Consul: Champion WIP 01

With the release of the beautiful Burning of Prospero box by Games Workshop fortune has blessed the Rout with a new character model, Geigor Fell-Hand. Not only is the model stunning but also offers a wealth of parts for conversion of other models.

The legs and body offer a powerful running pose that lends itself to a number of weapon combinations. Deciding upon Russ’ shield for the forearm an axe was the natural  choice for the other arm. Swapping in another heard (from the Thunderwolf Cavalry Kit) changes the model’s character and the addition of more standard MkIV pouldrons changes the model’s silhouette. The boltgun was swapped out for a combi-melta.

The power pack’s trophy rack, a personal symbol of Geigor has been removed and the ornate wolf heads tided up with some green stuff. Added an icon from the plastic wolves upgrade pack to increase the character’s visual presence.

Until Next Winter…



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