The Wolf King

The wolf king straightened up like some elemental giant rousing form its telluric slumber, the distinctive wet leopard growl of the Fenrisian Astartes haunted every syllable of his words. It was like meeting a god. His armour was notched and gouged, as much decoration as the knotwork and tooled etching on the main plates. Around his shoulders he wore a huge wolf skin, shrouding his armour like a forest on a mountainside. The wolf king’s hair was long, thick plaits of it hung down across his chest plate, weighted down by polished stones, with a colour that looked like bright blonde stained in blood.

Russ really is a beautiful model, incredibly ornate and truly ‘epic’ in pose and aesthetic. Wielding the Sword of Balenight and the Axe of Helwinter, Russ has a further hand axe, hunting knife and holstered pistol  about his person.

The shield has been left off the model for now, there are potentially other plans for it.

Until Next Winter…


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