Ullr Thorhall, Winter’s Shield

Ullr Thorhall, ‘winter’s shield’, champion of the rout and breaker of sieges. Thorhall’s talents of unyielding defense and skill with knocking an axe have seen his reputation in the Rout grow with each new moon. A master of ship-to-ship boarding actions and undisputed bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, Thorhall has the favour of many of his Jarls and the eye of the Wolf King watches him with interest.

Born of the northern tribes, whom dwell in the river canyons and crags of the great mountains, long before the skywarriors took him, Ullr Thorhall learned to fight outnumbering in cave mouths, bottle necking the enemy and using the hostile terrain to the advantage of his kin. A warrior of the void could not ask for better training.

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Geigor Fell-Hand

Geigor Fell-Hand is a trusted member of Leman Russ’ own Einherjar. As a young man, his rough temper was a liability, but it never led him into a fight he could not recover from. Matured over the long decades of battle in the service of Space Wolves, Geigor has learned to harness the fires within his heart, letting them flare only when his legion has need of them.


The Grizzled Wolf Guard is as much a mentor as a champion. The grudge Geigor bears against the sorcerers of Prospero runs deep, and he relished the chance for vengance in the name of his lost brothers.

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40k Open Day – Insights from Mark Bedford

Having made the pilgrimage to Warhammer World for the 40k open day at the start of the month I had the pleasure of discussed the prospective direction that the Vlka Fenryka will be taking in the new book, Book 7 Inferno.

Part of the discussion was around a Heads Upgrade Kit, which Mark is keen for it to be a set of helmetless heads, with varying hair styles and facial hair that conveys a savagery but a practicality to  wearing a helmet over. So no tall mohawks or outlandish styles. We also discussed the knot-work leather masks described in the literature, looks likely that these won’t make an appearance as the aesthetic never looks right. These are some of Mark’s sketches:

We had a discussion about the units wolves would get, whilst not very forthcoming there was a lovely a sketch of a middle-ages warrior inspired suit of power armour, the idea being their armour would be gilded, inlaid with jets and ivories, not bright colour but subdued and more natural tones.

Mark was very excited to discuss a theory about Fenris, which he as pitched to Alan Bligh, but doesn’t know how much of it is included within the book. The premise being that Fenris isn’t a natural world colonised from before old-night, but a manufactured death world, wither physically built or terraformed and populated with monsters and extreme climatic conditions to breed the toughest warriors. He as keen to articulate that this could be another play on the phrase; ‘there are no wolves on Fenris’, because there wasn’t anything before they created it.

Another idea Mark was very animated about was the premise that Wolves Legion isn’t as old as it’s purported history, say 50 years old but with 200 years of sagas and traditions, how is this so? He suggested that this could be part of the dark and eerie psycho-conditioning of the Legion, giving them a noble background and a history to keep them calm and in check, rather than just being bred-executioners sent out to do the task too unsavory for the other legions to handle.

Whilst I’ve tried to interpret our discussion and recall it as best i can, i’m sure there are things I’ve missed above, but the general principles are there.

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The Wolf King

The wolf king straightened up like some elemental giant rousing form its telluric slumber, the distinctive wet leopard growl of the Fenrisian Astartes haunted every syllable of his words. It was like meeting a god. His armour was notched and gouged, as much decoration as the knotwork and tooled etching on the main plates. Around his shoulders he wore a huge wolf skin, shrouding his armour like a forest on a mountainside. The wolf king’s hair was long, thick plaits of it hung down across his chest plate, weighted down by polished stones, with a colour that looked like bright blonde stained in blood.

Russ really is a beautiful model, incredibly ornate and truly ‘epic’ in pose and aesthetic. Wielding the Sword of Balenight and the Axe of Helwinter, Russ has a further hand axe, hunting knife and holstered pistol  about his person.

The shield has been left off the model for now, there are potentially other plans for it.

Until Next Winter…