the 30k channel – 6th Legion vs 15th Legion

Whilst kings of Crimson and Winter War bloody themselves in the shadows of the once mighty city of Tizca their sons fight in a broader theatre of war…

…Jarl Thorvardsson leads his warriors to secure intelligence on the whereabouts of those Thousand Sons not on their home world. Tracking this intelligence to an officer of the Legion believed to be guarding the Legion’s petrochem silos beyond Tizca’s boarders, the wolves look to leave nothing but scorched earth in pursuit of their objective.

Please go over the the30kchannel and check out the mighty battle between the Vlka Fenryka and the Thousand Sons:

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Cynric Hermodur’s Pack

Cynric Hermodur’s pack lead flamer teams into the great libraries of Tizca, providing a vanguard whilst their Brother’s destroyed the archives of forbidden knowledge within. It was there that they drew metal against unnamed horrors, losing many warriors to the Fifteenth Legion’s malificarum.

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Ancient Ansgar Unferth

Ansgar Unferth was a warriors of note within the Rout, know for his head strong demeanor and bloody saga of battle against the Myeer Pirates during the wars of compliance. It is said his thread was worn down to a single strand whilst fighting the Green Skins in the labyrinthine canyons of Sodhaar-Secondus.

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Tormund Andwend Flokisson, Rune Priest

Quiet and solitary, Tormund Andwend Fklokisson is everything one would expect of a spirit seer of the Vlka Fenryka. A Gothi of considerable skill Flokisson is known as the Wind Walker by his pack-brothers, a name afforded to him for his ability to cast his spirit out upon the world wind and visit far off places, places far from the Aett.


Flokisson keeps close to him a double headed eagle of meticulous design, a psi-construct of a time before old-night, the mighty Aquila is attuned to the Rune Priests senses, obeying his commands with thought alone.

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