Contemptor Dreadnought #1 WIP 03

Resin icons have been carefully thinned and readied, then positioned and glued in place. The green-stuff trim to the lower legs has been sanded back and the shape defined, small rivets have been glued in place completing the detail. The large legion symbol has been added to the left leg armour and the wolf skull & bone icon to the right leg armour. The fanged skull adorns the right should pad.

The small paw and skull icons either side of the ribbon chest armour detail have been used in tandem with wolf tail talismans, inspired by the old metal dreadnought model of Bjorn the Fell Handed who had hanging talismans from his sarcophagus.  The chest detail was further embellished with a wolf skull from the plastic kit.

All details have been heated and positioned, glued and the joints to the armour plate filled with liquid green-stuff to blend them in.

Until Next Winter…


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