Contemptor Dreadnought #1 WIP 01

After much debate and trepidation on whether or not the plastic Contemptor Dreadnought could be as nicely finished as the Forge World one, out came the craft knife and clippers…

The right leg was cut off on the upper axle and at the knee joint, allowing for a raising of the upper leg to a more purposeful step and reposing of the lower leg to suit this. The knee joint was then filled with green stuff and squared off, this will be a base for adding more detail later. The exhausts were drilled out.

The head was rotated a few degrees to the left, to remove the static ‘forward facing’ pose of the dreadnought as a whole. A pelt has been added to the should guard to accentuate the feeling of movement on the model and create a more dynamic pose.

The Kheres Assault Cannon and the Multi-Melta were cut off below the shoulder guard to allow for magnets to be fitted. The barrels were all drilled out.


The Twin-Linked Bolter on the Power Fist has been cut off and a Meltagun fitted in it’s place. The ammunition detail still needs adding to the outside of the fist.

Next up will be to add some resin icons and detailing.

Until Next Winter…


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