Inspiration and Nostalgia

The inspiration for the current incarnation of the Vlka Fenryka being developed in this log comes all the way from January 1997, specifically issue 205 of White Dwarf and Anthony Warrington’s entry into Golden Demon 1996 for Best Warhammer 40,000 squad, for which he was awarded 2nd Place (Pictured Below).


This squad, for me, epitomised everything the Space Wolves were and should be, I was at the tender age of eleven absolutely amazed by these models, their posing, the subtle conversions and the use of Logan Grimnar’s Great Company colour scheme, not the vibrant yellow of Ragnar’s Great Company normally pictured. The hulking Terminator clad veteran with twin lightning claws is the direct inspiration for the Jarl created in this log.

Until Next Winter…


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