Rune Priest WIP 01

Using the power armoured character from the Battle of Calth as a base to create the Rune Priest a number of alterations have been made.

The crested helmet has been swapped out for a bare head, which in turn has had hair sculpted on and a plaits added. A fur cloak has been sculpted around the top of the cloak, including hanging wolf pelts around the power pack. The mace head has been removed and replaced with a winged totem from the Space Wolves sprue, which has had a wolf skull added to alter the visage. The plasma pistol has been removed and a crooked hand added.

The Rune Priest has been given a familiar, taken from the Inquisitor Corteaz and attached to the Priest’s power pack.

Until Next Winter…


Lief Olafur’s Watch Pack

Olafur’s pack, ten warriors of the Rout, ten champions and veterans of Fenris. The accounts talk of hunters, thread cutters and murder makers, warriors whose sagas will last the ages, warriors who will see their duty done at all costs, or find peace on the red snow.

Until Next Winter…

Ancient Tyr Gunvor

Formally a champion of Onn Company, hero of The Rout and breaker of xenos threads, felled by Eldar Malificarum during the purging of the Leonis Asteroid Belt. Crippled, condemned and confined to fight the All Father’s wars as a God of the Battlefield.


On Prospero Tyr Gunvor brought his new found might to bear for the first time, wielding machine wrought weaponry instead of axe and bolter, crushing the resistance offered by the Fifteenth Legion and the Prosperine Spire Guard.

Until Next Winter…


The Wolves Approach…

Jarl Ulvbane Thorvardsson stalks the ruins of Tizca, snuffing the last embers of resistance encountered in the wake of the Rout’s onslaught. His Huscarls keep pace, his warriors run the streets and cleanse the buildings, mighty Ancients strike the battle field in support, implacable in their destructive duty.


Until Next Winter…