Terminator Command Squad WIP 03

Selected weapons and arm poses for the 2 Veterans and standard bearer, sculpted on some fur to hide the leather teruges.

2016-08-29 11.28.21.jpg

Added fur to the arm on the standard bearer.

2016-08-29 11.28.40

Until Next Winter…


Terminator Command Squad WIP 02

With the Torso’s prepared for the next stage I made some progress on the shoulder pauldrons, taking cues from my Wolf Lord and thinking about how the Torso armour has been crated i carefully added select details from the Terminator Upgrade Shoulder Pads to Cataphractii ones.

Using the wold fur banner from the Dreadnought kit I converted the banner to be a standard, still need to sculpt over the leather pteruges with fur to match the Wolf Lord.

Until Next Winter…

Terminator Command Squad WIP 01

Made a start on the Terminator Command Squad to accompany the Jarl, planning to do these as a simple squad of three; one Standard Bearer and two veterans, all in ‘Fenris-variant‘ Cataphractii pattern tactical dreadnought armour.

Started by cutting in the Cataphractii style power plants from the plastic kit.

Then the Aquila wings were cut and filed from the chest plate, and in the case of one of the torsos, a little extra detailing added (cut from the shoulder pads). The wolf tooth necklace had to be repaired a little too, added a charm from a shoulder pad to replace breaks.

The ornamental arches from the plastic Cataphractii were also added to the two torso’s with visible hoods.

Then lastly the top of the torso’s was finished off by adding a raised greenstuff ornamental ridge, with rivets. The panel recess was filled and the small box detail added to the rear.

Until Next Winter…

Forge World Legion Insight

The Forge World website has a nice introduction to the Legions section now, contained within each is an insight into the Legion’s character and how they make war.

Space Wolves Legion Overview

I can’t wait to see how Forge World deliver on the models and rules following the image of a Vlka Fenryka Shock-Assault force or Hunter-Killer force conjured up by the text.


Until Next Winter…

Legion Dreadnought WIP 03

With both weapon armatures in place, the spacers giving better clearance from the carapace as intended, detail has been added; a raised ornamental rim to the shoulder armour complete with rivets. The hole in the top of the sarcophagus has been filled where the standard would normally fix.

To the rear the mechanicum skull and cog icon has been removed as this felt strangely 40k.

2016-08-19 14.51.09.jpg

Until Next Winter…