Wolf Lord WIP 06

Shoulder pouldrons, cataphractii legs and a cloak arrived today, so progress take a big leap on.

The great wolf’s head has been cut from the terminator upgrade pouldron, thinned to mould around the cataphractii pouldron and glued into place. Like wise a runic plate was added to there other pad. Both were then tidied up with a little liquid green stuff.

2016-05-07 11.38.10-1

With the leather pteruges cut from the Cataphractii legs, a wolf belt was taken from the plastic power armoured kit and glued into place, they tidied up with some green stuff. A wolf tail talisman and a runic plate were added to each of the legs to embellish them suitably in the style of the Vlka Fenryka.

The shoulder pouldrons were fixed in place and the upper half of the Jarl is starting to take shape!

Until next winter…



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