Wolf Lord WIP 02

With the torso conversion work nicely set, work has progressed onto the arms, specifically a pair of lightning claws.

Design Note: many moons ago there was a feature in an early white dwarf (circa 1990) showing a squad or two of space wolves, all a mix of metal grey hunters, blood claws and long fangs, lead by a terminator wolf guard. The wolf guard was built from the space Wolf Terminator Sergeant who had a pelt over his shoulders and he’d been equipped with a pair of lightning claws. This image (although now only in my head for reference) is the inspiration for this project. If anyone has this article/image message me!

The Lightning Claws each have the standard leather pteruges hung from beneath the shoulder pauldron armour plate, this roman/classical detail is a little out of character for the desired effect of the Vlka Fenryka so these have been filled a little, re-shaped with a craft knife and then green stuff has been added to create fur.

Until Next Winter…


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