Fenrisian Wolf 02

Added some fur, covered the chaos bits, made good the removal of horns and spikes.

A perfect pack member for the Jarl.

Until Next Winter…


Fenrisian Wolf WIP 01

Unsatisfied with the size of the Games Workshop Fenrisian Wolves, they look too big next to Marines and Cataphractii, the Chaos Hounds make a great stand in.

The chaos horns and spikes were removed, the head is from the regular Fenrisian Wolves.

Until Next Winter…

Wolf Lord WIP 11

Reviewing the model a few changes have been made, the spikes have been removed as they felt too much like the Sons of Horus for which they were originally from. A couple of areas have been tidied up with some liquid green stuff and the model is now ready for undercoat and painting.

The cloak has been finished off with the greenstuff cord and hide wrap better defined, clasps/rivets have been added to cloak hem and the pelt fold. The square bottomed pyramid rivets on the cloak hem were chosen as they match those on Russ’ armour from the Prospero Burns book cover. Next up undercoat and paint!

2016-05-09 16.10.09-1

Unitl Next Winter…


Wolf Lord WIP 10

With the majority of the work done on the Jarl now, its a reflection phase in the work, considering the detail, making minor refinements, tidying up anything that isn’t quite right, etc…

The cloak won’t be fixed on until after painting, making the whole of that process easier.

Until Next Winter…

Wolf Lord WIP 09

To better tie the model together aesthetically spikes have been added to the shoulder pouldrons, matching those projecting from the armour knee plate. These were carefully cut from another shoulder pouldron and glued in place.

Additional panelling has been added to the waist armour, added with green stuff to better proportion the join between the torso and the legs. This also hides the subtle increase in height that the Jarl has been given. Rivets were added to finish off the aesthetic.

2016-05-07 14.57.00-1

Until Next Winter…

Wolf Lord WIP 07

World on the wolf lord’s cloak has commenced, a fur added and moulded in with green stuff, a pair of totems on cord added.

2016-05-07 13.25.56-1

A 40mm base has been embellished with some stone flooring (which matches the gaming board) and some debris added for detail.

2016-05-07 13.58.06-1

Until Next Winter…